Fitness favorites for pain-free performance, and must-haves for après athletics.

Like it or not, dunking in near freezing water for a handful of minutes stimulates your nervous system, reduces inflammation, increases neuroplasticity and hormone production, and activates metabolism. Ice Barrel holds 105 gallons of water, enough to submerge someone up to 6-feet-6-inches tall, and requires minimal upkeep. Just add water and ice (and the Ice Barrel water stabilizer) and climb on in. From $1,200;

Either hitting the mat or the couch, breathing in clean, fresh air is essential. The LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier is the perfect accessory for on the go or staying put. As light as a water bottle, it takes up little space in a gym bag or on a shelf. Certified asthma and allergy friendly, it can remove up to 99 percent of ultra-fine dust and reduce harmful allergens and irritants. $199;

Bluejay Bikes are uniquely designed so that both the saddle and handlebar stem are adjustable, the 550Wh, 48V battery sits low and centered within the frame, and the 350W mid-drive torque sensor motor offers five levels of pedal assist. The Premiere edition offers a modern twist on the classic model, while the Bluejay Sport features off-road capabilities; accessories including baskets, locks, and trailers maintain the brand’s curated aesthetic. From $3,295;

From the well-known cooler company, the Yeti Camino Carryall comes in three sizes, each with two interior zipped pockets and deployable dividers to hold gear and contain messes in equal parts. Think sandy wetsuits, dusty climbing and camping gear, soaked fishing equipment, or skiing essentials. Even better, set the bag down on snow or in a puddle and nothing inside will get wet. $150 for the Camino 35 Carryall;

After a day spent adventuring or working out, at home or on the road, simplify your hair routine. Weighing less than one pound, the Chi Lava Pro Hair Dryer uses the company’s signature ceramic technology. The dryer features four heat settings and three speed settings, as well as three magnetic attachments (diffuser, precision concentrator, and smoothing nozzle). $338;

A wireless audio and communication headphone device for ski and snowboard helmets, the Aleck 006 was named after Alexander Graham Bell but relies on military-grade encryption and Bluetooth technology. The dual speaker unit fits into any helmet with audio ready pouches. Using the Aleck app, users can connect, hands-free, with friends or family or listen to music. Conceal mode minimizes impact on the phone’s battery. $250/two pack (for two people);

There are only four organs that the body detoxes through: skin, lungs, kidneys, and liver. The EquiLife Dr. Cabral Detox targets the latter, working in two phases to speed up the cleaning of the blood during a 7-, 14-, or 21-day program. The first two days are fluidintensive, while the remaining ones include a plant-based lunch and Paleo-style dinner. This is not a detox tea or juice cleanse but rather a whole body reset, utilizing both functional and Ayurvedic supplements “to give the liver what it needs,” says creator Dr. Stephen Cabral. From $99 for seven days;

Foam rollers can’t always access the most intricate contours of your spine. Enter the Chirp Wheel , which uses myofascial release to loosen muscles with contact and weight-bearing massage. Four sizes apply different amounts of pressure using compressionsensitive padding. Either on the floor or touching a wall, lay on or push against the wheel to release tension in the back, neck, and other extremities. Ultimate Back and Neck bundle $125;

Using advanced Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology, Katalyst activates muscles six times more efficiently than other workouts. Through a series of functional movements, low frequency impulses cause muscles to contract, creating resistance and amplifying the effect of the workout. This muscle activation results in a full-body workout in 20 minutes, without any external loads or joint impact. Users wear a base layer, a three-pound suit (vest, shorts, and arm straps) with electrodes mapped to each major muscle group. An app provides on-demand classes, personalizing impulses in real time. $2,385;

Workout recovery is imperative. WTHN’s combination of a body cupping kit and acupressure mat set ensure tension reduction, detox support, and relaxation. Eight silicone cups provide suction, which lifts tissues for increased blood flow and release. Constructed from coconut fiber and linen, the acupressure mat activates points throughout the body via stimulators to foster deeper stimulation and rest. Body cupping kit $68, acupressure mat set $78;