Cheers to these exceptional vintages and limited-edition blends.

A rare, custom blend of whiskeys from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, The Last Drop Signature Blend Created by Drew Mayville (release no. 28), is a marriage of vintage straight bourbon and rye whiskeys, each one exceptional and arguably deserving of its own single-barrel bottling. This one-of-a-kind American whiskey is defined by deep dark fruits, citrus zest, and aromatic spiciness on the nose. As for its flavors, a sip, as master blender Drew Mayville describes, “is a journey through a veritable spice merchant’s storeroom.” $3,500;

Typically distilled from rice, shochu is Japan’s native spirit and it boasts a rich history that can be traced back to the 16th century. While shochu may be the most popular distilled liquid in the Far East, it’s still relatively unknown in the United States. Mujen, a new shochu brand, is changing that, and Mujen X, aged for 10 years in evergreen oak barrels, provides an ideal entry point for whiskey lovers. Expect candied lemon peel aromas and flavors of cinnamon, almond, and lemon custard on the finish. $86;

Napa Valley may be synonymous with bold, fruit-forward red wines, but the 2019 Quilceda Creek Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon proves that exceptional winemaking—and outstanding cabernets—exist about 500 miles to the north. Made from fruit sourced at one of the most historic vineyard properties in Washington, this wine (Quilceda Creek’s 41st vintage of Columbia Valley Cabernet Sauvignon) delivers notes of dark berries balanced by hints of sandalwood, black truffle, and walnuts. $225;

The marriage of orange liqueur and Cognac serves as the foundation of Grand Marnier; however, the premier expression of the brand, Grand Marnier Quintessence, further elevates the union. The liquid—luscious, sweet, and incredibly viscous—is comprised of Hors D’âge Cognacs that are sourced from Grande Champagne and are up to 70 years old. Aromatics of honey, cardamom, and fresh orange peel give way to sweet stewed fruit notes on the palate and an herbal complexity that lingers on the finish. $3,500;

A blend of fortified wines that were matured in oak casks for five decades in the eastern reaches of Portugal’s Douro Valley, Taylor Fladgate Golden Age 50 delivers all of the expected flavors and aromas of a vintage tawny port. The presence of raisins, clove, and nutmeg dominate the nose, while flavors of rich stewed fruits—prunes, quince, and apricot—mingle on the palate. As with any port of this age, Golden Age 50 offers a long, lingering finish rich with hints of butterscotch and a subtle nuttiness. $325;

This vintage Champagne is an almost equal blend of chardonnay (54%) and pinot noir (46%), and is composed of fruit sourced from six premiers and grand crus. On the nose, Champagne Henriot Millésime 2012 presents an intriguing combination of aromas—summer flowers, meringue, currants, chalk, and other ripe fruits—and those same characteristics resurface and swirl on the palate. It’s for those reasons that Alice Tétienne, Maison Henriot’s cellar master, declares this Champagne to be “so unique and compelling.” $115;

To celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2022, Clase Azul pays homage to its signature reposado with Clase Azul 25 Aniversario. Some of the agave used in this blend was milled using a traditional stone milling technique, while extended fermentation enhances the spirit’s fruity character. Bright and vibrant on the nose with hints of lemongrass and ginger, the limited-edition drinks like dessert in a glass with a soft body, coating viscosity, and a flavor profile defined by vanilla and complementary agave notes. $550;

On the nose, Compass Box Vellichor delivers the restrained aromatics of a quintessential blended Scotch whisky: light toasted grain, hints of lemon peel, ripe fruit notes, and floral wisps. On the palate, the whisky showcases a lot of sweetness, with underlying spice and hints of banana. There’s more depth and body to Vellichor than its light golden hue would suggest, and the whisky’s warming finish is laced with a subtle, peaty character. $450;

Originally planted in the 1970s, the Hyde Vineyard produces luscious fruit, all of which is hand-harvested at night to preserve the berries’ integrity. The 2019 Bouchaine Hyde Vineyard Merlot exemplifies the terroir-driven, Old World style of winemaking that, while not typical of California’s wine country, stands out for its exceptional quality when crafted by experts such as Larry Hyde, who has spent four decades growing grapes in Carneros. In particular, this merlot shines for its balanced structure, earthy red fruit notes, and subtle spiciness. $195;

Produced from fruit grown on some of the winery’s rarest chardonnay clones, Aubert 2020 Powder House Estate Vineyard Chardonnay is a balanced expression of terroir and concentrated fruit notes. On the nose, the wine offers up hints of orange blossom and lemon sorbet, which transition to flavors of yellow stone fruit mixed with some minerality on the palate. Don’t be put off by the slightly hazy appearance—it’s a reflection of Mark Aubert’s commitment to minimal intervention during the winemaking process. $110;