Luxury Card Concierge®

Available 24/7, Luxury Card Concierge can assist you with securing travel reservations, tickets for entertainment, sporting and cultural events, treatments at beauty salons and spas, business meeting arrangements, various personal requests and much more. Offering around-the-clock service tailored to each Cardmember’s specific needs, Luxury Card Concierge provides a complete lifestyle management tool to ensure you save time and enjoy exceptional service. The Concierge service is available to every Mastercard® Black Card™ member with no hidden fees.


Over-the-Top Anniversary

To celebrate a Cardmembers’s sixth wedding anniversary, a Concierge agent created a romantic itinerary that included accommodations at the world-renowned hotel Shangri-La The Shard and deluxe seating at its famed restaurant, TĪNG, located on level 35 of the hotel with breathtaking views of London. Their night was capped off by a 90-minute couples massage followed by private sauna and pool access.

Mother-Daughter Spa Day

A Cardmember wanted to set up a special mother-daughter outing while he went to a Yankees game. Luxury Card Concierge was able to make appointments for the Cardmember’s wife and two daughters at a very popular salon near their New York City hotel. A win-win for the whole family!

Research, Research, Research

When moving to Denver with his wife and 3-year-old son, a Cardmember asked the Concierge to research the best school districts in the city to help them narrow their home search.

Dreams into Reality

Wanting the perfect proposal for his girlfriend, a Cardmember called Luxury Card Concierge to find out how to propose using the JumboTron in New York City’s Times Square. The Concierge accommodated his request within two hours.

Behind-the-Scenes Access

Luxury Card Concierge arranged a private meet & greet after a game with Boston Bruins player Patrice Bergeron, the Cardmember’s all-time favorite player.

Crisis Averted

A Cardmember was devastated when he left his cash and jewelry in a hotel while in Japan. Luxury Card Concierge arranged for someone to go to the hotel to pick them up, and had the valuables securely sent to the Cardmember’s home.

Meeting Room in Mumbai

Luxury Card Concierge made business meeting arrangements on behalf of a Cardmember traveling to India. The agent reserved a meeting room and organized lunch for 10 attendees at the Taj Mahal Palace hotel. The agent also ensured the Cardmember’s criteria was met by making the following available during the meeting: Wi-Fi, LED TV, flip charts, markers, pencils and mineral water.

To the Rescue

A Concierge agent arranged to have an emergency supply of children’s Tylenol delivered in the middle of the night to a distressed Cardmember at home with an ill child.

Jump the Queue and Save Time

When standing in a long theme park ticket line with five little girls, a Cardmember wanted a way to get into the park quicker. He called a Concierge agent, who went online and purchased tickets for the group, allowing the Cardmember to move to the much shorter and quicker Will Call line.

Our Technology and Expertise

Leveraging the latest technology, our global network utilizes an advanced recommendation engine. As a Cardmember, you’re provided with targeted, relevant and meaningful suggestions for travel, dining, accommodations and car rentals based on your previous requests. This expertise is combined with insider knowledge and the personal touch of our agents, who are passionate about delivering the best.

24/7 Access

by Phone, App, SMS or Email

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Dedicated Team, Available 24/7

Direct communication with Concierge agents via live chat, phone, SMS or email—without speaking to a recording or pushing buttons—allows you to get things done faster and easier. Receive the highest caliber of personal service, available anytime, anywhere. Learn More

Luxury Card App

Exclusive to Cardmembers. Available on iOS and Android.

Next-Level Service

Available from any mobile device, the Luxury Card App allows you to discover new experiences and custom itineraries, receive notifications of upcoming events and learn how to utilize every benefit of membership. With just a few clicks start a live chat with a Concierge agent who will assist you with any request, giving you time to get ready for that dinner or concentrate on packing. All from the convenience and ease of your phone.