Card Construction

State-of-the-Art Card Design

Luxury Card combines the most advanced principles of design and technology to raise the standards for the type of card you carry and how it works for you.

Luxury Card leads the industry in metal card design and construction and currently owns the rights to 46 patents issued globally.

All three Luxury Card products feature a custom design and metal card construction. We‘ve taken great care to ensure every detail of the card represents excellence and reflects the exclusivity of your membership.

Stainless Steel Material

Each card is engineered with a unique stainless steel front and carbon back for durability and distinction. Our cards weigh more, attract more attention and never bend or break.

Laser Engraving

Quality laser engraving presents a superior finish, with a luster and uniqueness synonymous with our brand.

Technology and Security

Whether paying online, in-store, in-app or via a wearable, we monitor the security of your transactions so you can purchase with peace of mind while keeping your personal information safe.

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