Culinary & Tech

Smart appliances and healthy food options to upgrade any kitchen to chef standards.

By Alexandra Cheney
Brava smart ovens

Unlike conventional ovens, Brava uses light as a heat source. Six coordinated lamps flash cook food with searing and pulsing heat, achieving the precise Maillard reaction to brown, but never burn. The smart cooking machine with built-in camera and companion phone app can handle everything from scrambled eggs and sugar cookies to veggie chili, thanks to its zone-specific, dynamic output cooking capabilities. From $1,295;

Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50

Transforming food waste into a fertilizer a fraction of its original volume, the Vitamix FoodCycler FC-50 requires one cubic foot of space and a power outlet. With a 2-liter capacity and a lid lined with carbon filters to eliminate odors, this is Vitamix’s answer to composting. A cycle takes 4–6 hours to complete, and the removable waste bucket is dishwasher safe. $400;

Almond Cow

Automatically separating liquid from pulp with its tiered system, Almond Cow simplifies the once-messy process of creating plant-based milk alternatives. Just add water; select a variety of nuts, seeds, or grains; measure into the filter basket, and press the cow icon for a creamy, ready-to-drink beverage in under a minute. In addition to the machine, the company sells bulk ingredients and a robust collection of recipes. $218;

The sleek, modernist spice rack from Evermill holds 18 spices in amber glass containers to protect from sunlight and heat, and is countertop-ready or can be wall-mounted. The spices themselves are free of synthetic fertilizers, growth regulators, insecticides, and herbicides, and your order refills via text message. In select cities, your delivery arrives in as little as two hours. $250;

HexClad cookware

Each pan in HexClad’s 13-piece set (including lids) features a patented laser hexagon etching process that mimics the cooking experience of stainless steel, non-stick, and cast iron in a single pan. Thanks to the layers of magnetic stainless steel and aluminum, every pan heats evenly regardless of surface and can be used on gas and electric stoves as well as induction cooktops. $1,000;

Personal Rise Garden indoor hydroponic system

Grow herbs, veggies, and leafy greens in the Personal Rise Garden, an indoor, 18-inch hydroponic system. Wi-Fi connectivity enables maintenance alerts and allows users to track growth progress and provide ample nutrients, while a 1-gallon self-watering reservoir keeps plants moist and oxygenated for roughly a week. $280;

Hitchfire Forge 15 portable grill

A two-burner Hitchfire Forge 15 grill is ideal for the adventure-ready, overlanding, or campsite cook. Operational straight from the tow hitch or detachable for tabletop use, the grill features a 355-square-inch cooktop, dual hideaway prep tables, a powder-coated, easily washable finish, and a covert bottle opener. $550;

Modernist Pizza

The three-volume book collection Modernist Pizza weighs in at 35.5 pounds, including the kitchen manual. Its content celebrates and explores the global history of pizza, as well as the evolution of its components. Bursting with 1,016 recipes and more than 550 step-by-step photographs, it’s the most recent series from Modernist Cuisine chefs/authors Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya. $425;

Ardent FX Decarboxylator

The portable canna-kitchen Ardent FX Decarboxylator resembles a coffee thermos and streamlines the process of heating cannabis and hemp to activate the cannabinoids within; preparing the plant material to be infused into oils, butters, and creams. A robust line of accessories—from infusion sleeves and presses to strainers—aids in creating precise topicals, tinctures, and capsules. From $350;

Messermeister’s Oliva Elite Eight-Piece Magnet Block Knife Set

Forged from a single billet of the finest German 1.4116 steel alloy, Messermeister’s Oliva Elite Eight-Piece Magnet Block Knife Set vaunts Mediterranean olive wood handles. The blade, bolster, and tang are one-piece, handcrafted from steel alloy in Solingen, Germany. $1,000;