High-tech, customizable designs proven to enhance experiences.


White Tulip Smart Mirrors, part of Philippe Starck’s White Tulip collection for Duravit, are the designer’s first foray into high-tech mirror designs for the brand. Featuring a reflective glass surface with a seemingly transparent illuminated border, light adjustment by temperature options range from 2,700 kelvin to 6,500 kelvin—a major feat of engineering and a boon for those who prefer to check their appearance in complementary light settings. In addition, all versions of the mirror can be paired with the Casambi app to control the intensity of light, de-fogging capabilities, and other programmable options—all while simultaneously controlling other bathroom light fixtures at the push of a button. Size shown: 41 ⅜”. $3,475;


Inspired by shinrin-yoku, or Japanese forest bathing, Kohler’s immersive Stillness Infinity Experience bath transforms cleansing the body into an act of profound self-care. It fills from the bottom of the basin like a natural spring, then overflows into the Hinoki wood base, providing a soothing, feng shui–perfect sound of gently cascading water. It can create mist on the water’s surface, emit chromatherapeutic mood-setting lighting, and add diffused aromas of essential oils to the experience. Expected availability: Fall 2022. Price upon request;


ThermaSol’s solid brass HydroVive 18 integrates light, sound, and a dynamic rain head into one sleek, ceiling-mounted module. The multisensory design offers a fully customizable experience with the brand’s Smart Shower Valve and ThermaTouch interface, which can be integrated with Alexa for voice-stimulated commands. These include 200 full-spectrum color lights with preset mood settings to balance the body’s energy centers. Four state-of-the-art speakers with enhanced audio, Bluetooth compatibility, and stereo RCA input deliver low distortion, while 300 neoprene jets envelop the user in a full-body, revitalizing, waterfall-like sensation. Available in 15 finishes. HydroVive 18, $8,450; ThermaTouch, $2,490–$2,890;


The Nobelet smart toilet with electronic integrated bidet from Trone caters to the minimalist with its sleek lines, tight curves, and matte black exterior. It also delivers maximal amenities, including remote functions for a touchless and hygienic experience such as seat and spray-water temperature adjustments, lid and seat raising/lowering, and flush control. There’s more: a deodorizer, night-light, customizable user preset, touch-toe sensor, and power save/eco mode. Available in white and matte black. $2,659 and $3,500 respectively;


Indulging in a long, drenching shower doesn’t have to inspire feelings of guilt. RainStick, North America’s first smart, Wi-Fi-enabled Circular Shower, saves an astonishing 80 percent of water usage and up to another 80 percent of the usual energy of conventional designs—all while offering twice the flow rate of a traditional low-flow shower. The eponymous company’s proprietary recirculation technology avoids waste in real time—not only capturing water before it goes down the drain but cleaning and disinfecting it through UV-LED technology. Available with a RainStick app, users are also able to track water usage and energy savings while enjoying a rejuvenating shower. $3,495;

Shower Controls

Part of Gessi’s new Art Deco–inspired Venti20 collection—the Hi-Fi Eclectic Shelf thermostatic mixer is designed to enhance your sense of wellness by allowing you to control water flow. The knobs and buttons—which mimic the look and tactility of a retro stereo system—are used to tune into a personalized flow while encouraging the body and mind to reconnect through the sense of touch. The attractive structure, which conceals a high-fidelity mixer within, doubles as a shelf for bath essentials. The shelf model can control any two functions, including waterfall showers, hand-shower body jets, and even an atomizer. Shown in brushed brass PVD with black glass. $4,030;