Health-Driven Domicile
Self-care now stretches from the in-house gym to the kitchen, encompassing more than a mere beauty or fitness routine. To lay a foundation for wellness at home, level up to these household items.


Naturally occurring redox-signaling molecules protect, restore, and maintain human cell functionality. When a weak immune system or hormonal imbalance cause cellular breakdown, liquid supplement Asea Redox claims to reorganize molecules of natural salt and purified water into redox signaling molecules. According to Asea, when taken daily, Redox can regulate and activate genetic pathways, helping maintain or improve immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems. From $80 for two 1-liter bottles;

Water Filter

Water is the single most important resource for the body, yet a national online water quality search has shown that roughly 21 million Americans are drinking water that violates nationwide health standards. Take no chances with Berkey Filters, a water filtration and purification system that removes bacteria and contaminants from water stored within the system’s stainless-silver vessels and can be purchased with an optional fluoride filter add-on. Available in six sizes. From $285 for the 1.5-gallon Travel Berkey;

Fitness Equipment

The modular design of Tempo Move allows for free weights to be stored inside what looks like an end table. The weightlifting system uses your smartphone’s built-in camera to track repetitions, lets you know when it’s time to lift more (or less) weight, and offers feedback on your form. HIIT, prenatal, strength, and core classes are added weekly to the library, which already exceeds 1,000 videos. $395 plus $39/month for membership for up to six accounts;

Air Purifier

Shockingly, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. The BlueAir HealthProtect 7400 series, the company’s most advanced air purifier ever, is the first product from a major air purifier brand tested to remove live SARS-CoV-2 virus from the air. From $660;

Lounge Chair

Employing a combination of vibration, sound, and pulses of light, the Resonate chair and ottoman aims to help you meditate with greater ease. Tapping into multiple senses of hearing, sight, and touch, it encourages the body and mind to lapse into the parasympathetic nervous system, which is often thought of as the gateway to deeper levels of consciousness. $2,500;

Facial Device

To alleviate jaw clenching, the traditional Chinese medicine technique of face cupping targets the area with a gentle suction that stretches and pulls at the skin to increase circulation, stimulate collagen production, and diminish muscle tension. WTHN, an acupuncture studio in New York and home apothecary destination, sells face cups for at-home practice. “Cupping helps detox the face and, in my daily use, reduces wrinkles and tension,” says Dr. Shari Auth, WTHN co-founder. $40 for a set of two;

Fitness App

For a truly effective at-home workout that keeps you focused, a real-time coach with whom you can converse about your fitness needs and goals is the best way to get long-lasting results. And that’s what Future is all about. Co-founded by a former lead engineer at Apple, Future combines elite personal trainers, sensors from your Apple Watch, and an iPhone app to allow ongoing communication and accountability with your coach via text and chat. An added bonus is that coaches receive a detailed breakdown of key stats, such as heart rate, rep counts, and cardio distances, which informs them of a client’s progress and effort, making it impossible to cheat. $150 per month;