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Resembling a skateboard without wheels, the GiBoard balance trainer challenges your balance with its wobble-inducing strap. This versatile toy is perfect for play, study breaks, or strengthening core muscles.

GiBoard Balance Trainer

The GiBoard balance trainer looks like a skateboard without wheels. A strap stretched over the maple platform begs balancing atop. Take a wobbly step onto the nylon strip and like an instant, miniature slackline, the board engages your proprioceptive system as you work to stay upright. The practice improves balance, motor control, and sensory processing, so you can use the toy for play, study breaks, or while the kids are at school to strengthen core muscles and prevent injuries. $200;

Lily & River’s Little Dome is the ultimate indoor wooden climber for kids aged 2-6 years. Handcrafted with premium material and is the smart home playground.

Lily & River Indoor Climbing Structure

Are your children or grandchildren constantly climbing the walls? Phoenix-based, family-owned Lily & River has a solution: the Little Dome. Tastefully and sustainably designed, the indoor wooden climber for little ones ages 2–6 is small enough to fit in the playroom and large enough to throw a blanket over and transform into a cavernous fort. From $400;

Heirloom-quality, limited edition collection devoted to the Tale of Peter Rabbit from The Folio Society. Set includes a facsimile of Potter's 1901 handwritten and illustrated maquette, a privately printed typed version, and the story's first commercial run from 1902.

The Folio Society Limited-Edition Book Classics

Renowned for its heirloom-quality book editions, The Folio Society introduces a limited-edition collection devoted to The Tale of Peter Rabbit ($495) that reveals how the book came to be. Included in the nine-piece set is a facsimile version of the 1901 maquette Beatrix Potter handwrote and illustrated, as well as a typed version she had privately printed and the story’s first commercial run from 1902. Among new children’s releases from the publisher, The Night Before Christmas ($60) features a glow-in-the-dark binding of Santa and his reindeer.

A tempered glass foosball table glass, named ghost, from Italian makers FAS Pendezza. Designed by Basaglia Rota Nodari, appears to levitate on a sleek cone base with crystal-clear playing field adorned with players and metal finishes.

FAS Pendezza Table Soccer

Aptly named Ghost, this foosball table in tempered glass from Italian makers FAS Pendezza seemingly floats atop its white or black conical stand. Italian design firm Basaglia Rota Nodari continues to push the envelope in table game design with this latest iteration. The crystal-clear playing field is like an apparition printed with two goal boxes, a penalty arc, and a solid center circle, crisscrossed by corresponding players and metal finishes. $9,470; available from

Rummikub tile game remade by monogram speicialists Mark & Graham. An acrylic box with a personalized transparent neon pink, orange, or blue lid that can be personalized.

Mark & Graham Rummikub Tile Game

Family-favorite Rummikub now looks as cool as it is fun to play. Remade by monogram specialists Mark & Graham, the tile game comes in an acrylic box with a transparent neon pink, orange, or blue lid that can be personalized accordingly. Each set comes with four clear acrylic tile racks and a full game set of 106 opaque tiles. The company has upgraded other game-night classics, including Chinese checkers, dominoes, and backgammon. $300;

Bijou Build collapsible play structure. The Mainstay Duo Rambler version features two tepee-like structures that can house a swing or lounge pillows with ropes for climbing. Solar-powered LED lights.

Bijou Build Outdoor Climbing Structure

Preserve the precious resource of your backyard with a swing set that does not take over. With Bijou Build, the play structure goes up as easily as it comes down. Two tepee-like structures included with the Mainstay Duo Rambler version can house a swing or pile of lounge pillows with a rope bridge suspended in between for climbing. Children can work their muscles and imaginations into the night, as solar-powered LED twinkle lights are among the available accessories for the sets. From $600;

A classic designed bicylce from Public. Comes in different sizes for adults or kids and known for their high quality.

Public Bicycle

The classic, big-ticket holiday gift: a shining two-wheeler topped with an oversize bow. From Public, the Internet-based makers of high-quality, classically designed bicycles for adults and children, kid bikes are sold in four sizes based on age. The company’s Ready to Ride shipping ensures the gift arrives assembled and with simple adjustments, you can get excited recipients going within 15 minutes. From $220;

Air-filled play structure from The Salt Lake City–based company, Smol. Residential sized in neutral colors. This Rainbow designs come in compact sizes standing 6 or 8 feet wide.

Smol Inflatable Play Houses

Redraw what comes to mind when you think of a bounce house. Save the ginormous, Disney character-driven versions for the school festival, and welcome Smol into your family playroom. The Salt Lake City–based company makes residential-size, air-filled structures in neutral colors. Popular designs Tumble and Rainbow stand 6 feet or 8 feet wide, and are available in neutral, blue, pink, and limited-edition sage colors. From $490;

Kodo Kids Art Kit, a curated collection of sand tools that sparks creativity and early literacy skills. The set includes a tray, rakes, a mirror, a light panel, writing tools, rolling pins, and plexiglass rollers.

Kodo Kids Art Kit

Expert in making playful, open-ended objects for young children, Kodo Kids created the Art Basic Kit, which is anything but basic. The set of carefully curated sand tools fosters creativity and early literacy, and includes a tray, rakes, a mirror, a light panel, writing tools, rolling pins, and plexiglass rollers. $510;

Wooden blocks from Ukranian toy maker Sabo Concept featurng clean lines, thoughtful color choices, and minimal designs that encourage creativity and imagination. Shaped as an Italian Ancient City.

Sabo Concept Blocks

Build Rome in a day with the Italian Ancient City Blocks ($160) and Castle Building Block ($125) sets from Ukrainian toy maker Sabo Concept. The family-owned company produces wooden toy designs with clean, aesthetic lines and thoughtful color choices, including olive and light pink for Castle Block sets. Both minimal and sophisticated, well-crafted wooden blocks will spark new ideas and stand the test of time.