The Hong Kong–based luxury brand streamlines health and well-being services.
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The Peninsula Hotels ( has debuted Life Lived Best, a program across the brand’s international portfolio of 10 hotels that offers a wide-ranging collection of holistic wellness experiences—from body-sculpting workouts to stress-reducing meditation to immersive sound baths. The program is available exclusively to guests through a dedicated Wellness Portal and 24-hour Wellness Concierge service.

“Our goal is to promote health and wellness to our hotel guests and to improve the importance of healthy eating, fitness, quality sleep, and well-being, ” says Rolf Buehlmann, general manager of The Peninsula New York. Such a journey at a Peninsula hotel begins after check-in, when room service delivers a visually enticing tray of light, healthy snacks like house-made truffles, figs, and a creamy-hummus-and-vegetable crudité that looks like a little garden sculpture. (It’s almost too pretty to eat.)

Naturally Peninsula is an organic, plant-based eating plan inspired by regions around the world called Blue Zones, where people live longer than average. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible. “We use maple syrup from Vermont and honey from New York State farms. We are also supporting local farmers, biodiversity, being eco-friendly, giving back, and lowering our carbon footprint, ” says David Joo, executive chef at The Peninsula New York.

A glass filled with a colorful smoothie, placed on a table with a green leaf and a pineapple. The background shows a blurred view of the surrounding environment, which appears to be a luxurious resort or spa.

Because the Life Lived Best programs are individually tailored, there is no such thing as a “typical day,” but most wellness-centric stays start with an energy boosting smoothie blended with potassium-rich bananas, vitamin C–loaded pineapple, and protein-packed almond milk. For breakfast, it’s fresh, immunity-boosting juices and yogurt (locally made especially for the hotel) with sugar-free granola and organic berries.

Among the program’s exercise-related offerings are core-strengthening classes with Physique 57 and Pilates in the fitness center, a guided run around Central Park, and even a brisk walk on Fifth Avenue with a local (stopping in some of New York’s famous landmarks). If you prefer to work out in private, the hotel will deliver an elegant leather duffel full of gear, including a yoga mat, stretch bands, and hand weights. Après workout, unwind with a purifying, full-body exfoliation, a 90-minute therapeutic Tension Reducer Massage, and a 60-minute Subtle Energies Holistic Anti-Aging Facial.

A luxurious bathroom with a white marble walls, featuring a large freestanding bathtub in the center of the room. A spa attendant is running the tub and putting in bath salts for ultimate relaxation experience.The overall ambiance of the image is one of relaxation and indulgence.

At night, a calming bath and bedtime ritual is suggested. Sip Signature Sleep Tea (goji berries, red dates, and honey) while soaking in a Peaceful Sleep Bath. Follow with a Subtle Energies natural sleep patch that slowly delivers a dreamy blend of aromatics while conducting a five-minute session with Breethe, a personalized meditation and mental wellness app. You’ll be asleep before your head touches the pillow (which you’ve chosen from an extensive menu that includes everything from goose down to hypoallergenic).