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Courtesy The Y/Mikhail Loskutov


Dining Out in Moscow, Russia

The Y is a generational wonder.

By Jorge S. Arango


Restaurant: The Y, +7.929.929.01.23

Architecture & Design: Asthetíque, asthetique.com

Square feet: 6,000

Number of seats: 220

Chef: Vladimir Schetinin

Designers Julien Albertini and Alina Pimkina of New York–based firm Asthetíque are talking ’bout their generation, and have conceived a restaurant in its honor. “We grew up with ’70s furniture and smooth, rounded edges, pastels, and lots of brass,” says Pimkina, thereby encapsulating the major aesthetic influences behind The Y. Another influence: the genius work of filmmaker Wes Anderson. “His colors, the way he uses symmetry and creates scenes that are like postcards,” says Pimkina, “it’s dreamy and beautiful, gentle, and a bit naïve with romantic flourishes.” Hamovniki, the neighborhood where The Y is located on two floors of a new residential building, is experiencing an influx of Gen Yers who, Pimkina notes, “are young in passion and spirit and closer to their kids than their parents were.” Ergo an on-site playroom. All ages are welcome, of course, though Gen Xers and up might feel a bit seasoned.

Courtesy The Y/Mikhail Loskutov

Courtesy The Y/Mikhail Loskutov