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Choice Charters

A quick guide to booking a superyacht.


When choosing a yachting charter, consider the differences between the experience aboard a sailing yacht and a motor yacht. Sailing yachts “heel” or lean in the wind under way, which delights some passengers but not all, whereas motor yachts act more as spacious villas afloat. The determined destination could be bustling or remote. Docking along the French Riviera in peak summer season will be distinct from, say, an Alaskan expedition. Crew members can wear formal uniforms or dress casually, yet be ready to serve you and create the onboard experience you seek. Amenities can include Jet Skis or tenders; chefs and gourmet meal plans; cinema lounges; and spa treatments.

Superyacht charters begin at $150,000 per week and run into the millions; you may also find sophisticated charters on yachts under 80 feet long for less than $50,000. Clients pay up front for yacht charter vacations, so obtaining insurance is smart. Expect additional costs, including meals, libations, fuel, and communications expenses, to run 25 percent higher than the cost of the yacht.

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Burgess Yachts Worldwide yacht charter and sale brokerage since 1975, Burgess’s bookings include the large motor yacht shown (top right) for sailing in the South Pacific and New Zealand;

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Camper and Nicholsons Began as a shipbuilder in 1782 and added chartering to its offerings in the 1950s;

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Fraser Launched as a yacht brokerage in 1947, Fraser charters, sells, manages, and builds luxury yachts;

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Northrop & Johnson Luxury yacht sales and charters since 1949 with an experienced management team;

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Oceanco Custom builder of motor and sailing yachts such as the award-winning DAR, with an in-house yachting sales and charter brokerage;

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Y.CO Yacht sales or charters that include exclusive luxury brand partnerships;

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Naya Traveler specializes in a “curated approach” to travel, providing immersive cultural experiences in destinations as varied as Antarctica, Peru, and Morocco. Among the company’s offerings are custom, private yacht charters in Myanmar in the Mergui Archipelago (shown right).

Just across from the Thai border and sparsely populated, the archipelago of nearly 800 islands remains one of the world’s few unspoiled destinations. A seven-day journey on a crewed sailing yacht offers access to islands with mangrove forests, snorkeling reefs, beautiful bays and beaches, a Buddhist monastery, and idyllic anchorages for enjoying sundowners, meals onboard, and tranquility. Clients may choose a catamaran, ketch, or cutter, ranging from 51 to 85 feet long. From $15,000/week;

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Launched just two years ago, the 135-foot traditional schooner-style Satori (left) is the first private yacht to be managed and run as a boutique hotel. “It’s an extension of our hotel in Tuscany, Borgo Santo Pietro,” says owner and founder Claus Thottrup, “and features our highly trained service staff.” That staff includes chefs from the hotel group’s two Michelin-starred restaurants, Meo Modo and Florence’s La Bottega del Buon Caffé.

Designed and commissioned by Thottrup and his wife, Jeanette, Satori was built to today’s specifications and standards, but exudes classic charm with its mahogany and teak craftsmanship. It can accommodate 10 guests and a seven-member crew, and offers every water activity imaginable, plus a cinema under the stars and spa treatments using the brand’s organic skincare line made on its farm. From $110,000/week;