2024 Wellness Guide


Two-For-One Trekking

Gear that gets you where you want to be with twice the fun.

By David Keith Photography FRANKIE BATISTA Styling HEIDI MEEK

CANADA GOOSE jacket, $995; canadagoose.com
KRIMSON KLOVER sweater, $179; krimsonklover.com
HOLDEN pants, $300; holdenouterwear.com
SOREL boots, $240; sorel.com
PATAGONIA gloves, $49; patagonia.com
MUDDTRAX MTX-C-FD25G-C-2, $54,900; litetrax.com

Climb embankments, cross streams, slog through thick mud, and glide effortlessly over deep snow with the all-new, all-season MuddTrax, a lightweight extreme terrain vehicle with a unique low-ground pressure and high-ground clearance design. If power is what you need, the series’ top-of-the-line MTX-C offers a 75 hp gas engine that will go up, over, and into the most remote locations at max speeds of 18 mph. A 20-gallon fuel tank provides exceptional range, while the amphibious chassis and dynamic suspension system keep passengers comfortable and dry on their way to, say, an ice fishing expedition. The open cab can seat up to four with an optional rear seat; a choice of soft or hard tops provides increased protection from the elements. Standard LED lights at the front and rear allow day and night operation with an electronic joystick and color dashboard that make it a blast to maneuver and easy to control. Other options include cargo beds, cab heaters, a cold-weather package, front winch, skid plates, and more, making MuddTrax the ultimate winter-sport transportation and exploration vehicle.

Step out of the cab and into the innovative two-in-one boot system from Switzerland’s Dahu, which allows skiers to walk around in their boots as easily as snowboarders do. The Écorce boots feature an exoskeleton made of composites and aircraft aluminum wrapped around a softer, waterproof boot insulated with Primaloft. Slip on the inner boot to walk to the mountain, then step into the exoskeleton, adjust the flex to your liking, and click into your skis. The radical design provides comfort without sacrificing rigidity or performance, so you can speed down the slopes on the new Line Vision 98 skis. Designed to handle most conditions, from pillow lines to chunder, Vision 98’s triple hybrid construction consists of aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass stacked together then laminated. Each layer has its own resonating frequency, so bonding them together helps cancel out vibrations from bumpy terrain or when skiing fast. The overall effect is a lightweight ski with better damping and the ability to keep edges biting in turns. The 98’s narrower sidecut makes it more forgiving in most conditions, while its lighter weight is similar enough to a touring ski that you will want to skin it uphill and ski it down—that is, if the MuddTrax is otherwise occupied.

BURTON jacket, $440, and pants, $250; burton.com

HESTRA mitts, $155; hestragloves.com

CHAOS LUX beanie, $80, and scarf, $98; chaoshats.com

DAHU ski boots, $900; skidahu.com

LINE Vision 98 skis, $800; lineskis.com