2024 Wellness Guide


Hurts So Good

Specially designed apps and technically innovative fitness tools are today’s personal trainers.


The double-walled stainless steel LARQ Bottle self-cleans and purifies water using a proprietary UV-C LED technology. Built into the cap, the mercury-free portable sanitization system turns on every two hours for 10 seconds to eradicate germs via 280 nanometers of UV light (a technique used to sterilize hospital rooms). Water tastes better and is safer to drink, no matter where you fill it up. The new LARQ Bottle Movement, a lighter, single-walled version, can hold more water and comes in a soft, silicone sleeve. The USB rechargeable battery lasts up to a month. $78–$118; livelarq.com


The body sculpting fitness program P.volve targets hard-to-reach, overlooked muscles. Longtime trainer Stephen Pasterino (the P in P.volve) and his wife Rachel Katzman reach clients remotely via a streaming class platform that teaches their functional, form-focused movement method using proprietary fitness products: travel-friendly bands, balls, weights, gliders, and a slant board. Their promise of results without pain uses neuromuscular and functional science alongside low-impact, anti-pulse training. $20/month for unlimited streaming, $175 for the equipment package; pvolve.com

JaxJox KettlebellConnect

The JaxJox KettlebellConnect saves both space and time with six different weight options, adding or dropping from 12 to 42 pounds in 6-pound increments in three seconds flat. Lift the weight and a 6D gyro accelerometer with six-axis motion sensors activates. During workouts, weight amounts and rest times are measured. The proprietary app pairs with Apple Health and compares data across workouts. An LCD digital screen on the front allows it to be programmed for up to nine different users, each of whom can trace the quality and quantity of their every movement. $299; jaxjox.com


Install or hang a modular Joovv panel virtually anywhere to bask in medical-grade LEDs that deliver concentrated wavelengths of natural light (with no harmful UV rays) to your skin and cells. This in-home red and near-infrared light therapy device is the first of its kind. Research has shown that it can help speed muscle healing, reduce joint pain and inflammation, and boost collagen. The body-wide, head-to-toe panels and a handheld travel option called Joovv Go (a white metal case with 12 LEDs on the front) are FDA-cleared and registered as class II medical devices. $295–$5,995; joovv.com


Theragun, a handheld device that treats deep-tissue muscles using percussion therapy, delivers a rapid, repetitive motion at two varying speeds (either 29 or 40 percussions per second). Benefits include increased blood circulation and oxygen distribution as well as a highly targetable manipulation due to different-shaped foam attachments, such as a cone, wedge, or ball. Use it on yourself or others thanks to its ergonomic triangular shape, which also holds an industrial-grade Japanese motor and USB rechargeable battery. $249–$599; theragun.com

Considered the most accurate sleep tracker on the market, Oura Ring is based on fingertip pulse oximeters commonly used in hospitals. Housed within it are a 3D accelerometer and gyroscope to detect activity, infrared LEDs to measure blood volume pulse, and an NTC temperature sensor to sample a pulse 250 times per second, tracking heart rate variability and strength. The longer you wear the ring, the richer the data cache and lifestyle recommendations, such as setting a daily move goal, knowing when to push versus recover, and keeping to an ideal bedtime. $299–$999; ouraring.com