2024 Wellness Guide

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Private Training

The home gym and spa with elite fitness machines and biohacking recovery devices.



The FightCamp in-home training system merges boxing’s physical and mental engagement with robust workouts that combine body-weight exercises and plyometric sprints with punch combinations and defensive moves. Purchase studio-quality gloves and a free-standing bag then access an extensive library of on-demand classes and interactive technology: namely trackers that slide into specially developed hand wraps to record output, rate, and punch count. Beginner-friendly, FightCamp builds unique punching combinations with your desired number of rounds. Each setup admits five users per subscription; add-ons include boxing gloves for children. From $1,219, plus $39/month; joinfightcamp.com

Balanced Body founder and CEO Ken Endelman has been modernizing Joseph Pilates’ exercise equipment since the 1970s. The company’s most popular reformer, the Allegro 2, marries a minimalist design aesthetic with increased functionality. “Unlike the fitness world that emphasizes strength and sweat, Pilates is about symmetry and style,” says Endelman, who designed and crafted fine furnishings before getting into the Pilates business. In addition to a wider footbar that can slide the entire length of the machine (doubling upper-body exercises), the reformer uses durable, cast aluminum. The sleek, powder-coated white frame mimics contemporary furniture more than it does exercise equipment. From $3,000; pilates.com

Thirty built-in workouts play on the NordicTrack RW900’s 22-inch HD touchscreen, facilitating virtual studio classes. Access thousands more prerecorded rowing machine sessions online through the iFit app, including HIIT, interval, and strength-building workouts with Olympic rowing champions filmed on lakes and rivers around the world. During iFit Global Workouts, the machine’s silent magnetic resistance adjusts with the wind and currents to mimic a real in-water experience. Track stroke rate and count, distance, calories burned, and resistance settings, all displayed onscreen and saved to track your progress. Folds up for easy storage. $1,700, plus $15/month for iFit after the first year; nordictrack.com —David Keith


Although the notion of plunging into 42-degree Fahrenheit water can be daunting, the benefits include improved circulation, a strengthened immune system, better sleep, and increased energy levels. The FuroHealth Hyoga Cold Plunge Tub flirts with freezing, avoiding the formation of ice while maintaining a constant cold temperature. It also provides a reliable hydrotherapy experience with no draining, filling, or ice needed. Japanese hot soaking tubs inspired the design, which is a self-contained, single-person unit that integrates an ozone generator, filter, and chiller, as well as a still water, traditional tub. Constructed of a single-piece inner tub, the Hyoga can be left outside in temperate climates. From $7,995; furohealth.com

Unlike traditional wooden saunas, the Thera360 Plus Personal Infrared Sauna delivers negative ions as well as full spectrum infrared frequencies to the body. “It’s the best natural detox you can do,” says Melody Besner, CFO and co-founder of Therasage, which created the full-spectrum infrared sauna. Climb into the 3-by-3-foot chamber and take a seat to sweat out toxins (ideally for 30 minutes daily at 155 degrees Fahrenheit). The practice enhances the immune system, increases circulation, and decreases inflammation. Use the deep-penetrating heat to warm up muscles before workouts or release lactic acid post-exercise. From $1,098; therasage.com

Think of the BioCharger as a human recharging station. The tabletop revitalization device “enables your body to regenerate healthy cells for improved healing and recovery,” says CEO and co-founder Jim Law. The process combines four naturally occurring energy types (light, voltage, frequencies and harmonics, and pulsed electromagnetic fields) into a single noninvasive platform that helps heal the body at the cellular level. Coined “biocharging” by Law, daily sessions or “recipes” run from 6 to 30 minutes and can improve everything from adrenal function to acne. To use: Turn it on and sit within an arm’s reach to receive the wireless transmissions. $14,990; biocharger.com