2024 Wellness Guide


Resiliency Gear

Preparing for the unexpected is now expected



Keep an eye on both the exterior and interior of your temporary quarters with the BodyGuardz Portable Door Security Camera. Think of it as a movable version of a camera doorbell that mounts over the top of a hotel or rental door. Communicate with visitors via the smartphone app or use the built-in microphones on the camera itself. And, as there is both an exterior and interior camera, you can monitor the premises from elsewhere. Recordings are stored on the cloud. Availability is scheduled for late 2020. $280; bodyguardz.com


Whether from a broken pipe or overwhelmed riverbanks, flood waters are an unwelcome surprise. An early advisory can limit the damage. The Orbit B-hyve is a compact flood alarm small enough to fit under appliances and tough enough for outdoor use. When water is detected, the flood sensor sounds the alarm and sends an alert to your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection or a Wi-Fi notification if connected to a separate Wi-Fi hub device. The sensor also detects freezing temperatures and runs on a replaceable battery. $99; orbitonline.com


With people spending more time at home, monitoring air quality is increasingly important. The Airthings Wave Mini measures lurking volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from household chemicals and other sources while also monitoring humidity levels. Armed with that data, you can decide when it’s best to turn on fans, purifiers, humidifiers, and other air quality control devices. Low humidity levels, for example, may signal an optimum environment for viral transmissions. Data is sent via a smartphone app. $79; airthings.com


Anyone who has experienced a wildfire or other extreme air pollution episode will grasp the utility of Ao Air Atmos facewear. The futuristic-looking device rests lightly on the wearer’s nose, but doesn’t require an uncomfortable full seal around the mouth and nose. Instead, filters and fans combine to produce a positive pressure environment that continually moves air in an outward direction to keep even small particulates like ash, fine dust, and pollen at bay. And the transparent material shows your smile.
$350; ao-air.com


Turn your garage into an effective buffer zone with the first-ever garage door opener equipped with a camera and two-way communications. Developed by LiftMaster, the 85503 garage door opener incorporates a 140-degree, wide-angle lens with night vision for live feeds or recording to the cloud via a smartphone app. A motion detector will send alerts and there is battery backup in case power is cut. It also works with Key by Amazon for secure package delivery. $450, plus installation; liftmaster.com


Rethinking boarding a plane also may mean reconsidering how to dress for it. The Deco Jumpsuit slips over an underlying outfit for easy removal upon arrival at your destination, or can be worn by itself. Made-on-demand by the Italian womenswear label Marta Scarampi, the one-piece is made from a lightweight, waterproof silk blend. Details include fabric-covered buttons and a hidden zipper, a nod to the potential infection differences of varying surfaces. The mask has an adjustable wire on the nose bridge—each order comes with two, as well as a travel bag. $460; martascarampi.com


Suddenly, we know that all masks are not created equal. There’s the vaunted N95 designation for frontline medical workers. Meanwhile, cloth coverings like bandannas may be less than ideal but are better than nothing. What matters most is what’s between the inner and outer layers. Sandwiched into a Vogmask, for example, are a particle filter and a carbon filter—elements that contribute to excellent inhalation and exhalation ratings and make breathing easier. Note also that masks with exhale valves are designed for air pollution scenarios and non-air dispersing while valveless models are for more viral environs. $30–$44; vogmask.com