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Uniti Atom Headphone Edition


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Simply put, the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition amplifier delivers an unmatched, immersive listening experience. Unlike traditional headphone amplifiers, which need to be tethered to a separate computer or streaming device, this unit is an independent music-streaming system that allows users to access their digital music library, as well as radio stations, podcasts, and a variety of web-based streaming services. The device can even accept traditional speakers and power amplifiers, converting it into a compact, streaming pre-amplifier. $3,290; naimaudio.com

The Bang & Olufsen Beosound Level portable, Wi-Fi speaker will change how you enjoy music and other audio programming. As the first-ever certified cradle-to-cradle speaker—meaning aspects of its design and componentry can be upgraded and replaced over time—the Beosound Level features versatile functionality. Depending on its orientation, whether standing upright, lying flat, or hanging on the wall, the speaker adjusts its tuning to deliver optimized sound output. It also boasts a moderate dust and splash water resistance rating, which means it’s fit for temporary outdoor use as well. From $1,500; bang-olufsen.com

Atari VCS

11 Ravens Avettore Foosball Table


You have to be of a certain age (translation: not a millennial) to remember the Atari VCS of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Although revolutionary for its time, the VCS was just a gaming system—and a rudimentary one when compared to today’s elaborate consoles. Fast forward almost four decades and the brand has relaunched the Atari VCS, only this time the system offers web browsing, Google’s G-suite of productivity apps, a PC mode compatible with almost any operating system software that allows users to create a customizable PC experience on a TV or desktop, and an Atari mode—capable of delivering those nostalgic games and entertainment. From $300; atarivcs.com

Soccer has long been known as “the beautiful game,” and the 11 Ravens Avettore Foosball Table embodies that notion in a tabletop version of the sport. Rooted in minimalism and inspired, in part, by the sleekness of birds—specifically the company’s eponymous raven—every table is custom built from your choice of hardwoods and finishes. As shown here, the Avettore Foosball Table features benang blue lacquer on maple with Lucite accents (an $8,000 upgrade). $37,210 (as photographed); 11ravens.com

Vive Pro 2

Valve Index


The real world is quickly becoming a virtual one, at least as far as high-tech gaming is concerned. While there are many virtual gaming systems on the market, the Vive Pro 2 distinguishes itself for what and how players can see. The system’s 5K-resolution headset works in tandem with a 120 Hz refresh rate to deliver remarkably detailed graphics and silky-smooth animations. The headset also features a dual stacked-lens design, which increases the field of view to 120 degrees—an angle that better aligns with the human eye and allows users to see more naturally and comfortably. From $800; vive.com

Positioned as a VR system for virtual reality enthusiasts and dedicated PC gamers, the Valve Index has most impressed users with its state-of-the-art controllers, which feature handles equipped with sensors that track each individual finger. This advanced technology creates a more natural feel for gamers and allows them to use their hands to their fullest virtual potential. Best of all, because the Valve Index is compatible with Vive’s infrastructure, gamers can pair the Valve controllers with the Vive Pro 2 headset. It’s a combo that delivers the best of both worlds. $280; valvesoftware.com

Whoop 4.0

Nadi X Yoga


Wearable body sensors are nothing new, but the Whoop 4.0 strap represents the latest and greatest, featuring new technology with upgraded sensor configuration for better accuracy. Not only is the device equipped with five LED sensors and four photodiodes, it’s also programmed with advanced algorithms to deliver more precise heart rate measurements. New features include a sleep coach function with haptic alerts (to keep users on optimal sleep cycles) and a pulse oximeter, which calculates blood oxygen levels. Even with all those advances, the 4.0 strap is 33 percent smaller than its predecessor and boasts a five-day battery life. From $18/month, strap included; whoop.com

Self-guided yoga sessions are great in theory, but with no one offering feedback, the benefits can fall short. That’s where the Nadi X Yoga Pants come in. Designed by Wearable X, the pants are equipped with integrated sensors that pair with your smartphone (through a Bluetooth Low Energy clip that attaches just behind the left knee). As you work out, the smartphone app delivers audio instructions and gentle vibrations in various sensors to help guide you into a pose. $250; wearablex.com

Osma Pro

GoSun Fusion


If you’re a coffee enthusiast who prefers your cup o’ joe brewed cold, you know the process typically requires lots of patience. Now it doesn’t have to. That’s the proposition delivered by the Osma Pro cold brew coffee maker, which utilizes a patent-pending process to quickly extract all the flavor compounds from ground coffee via the formation and collapse of microbubbles of carbon dioxide that are released when the coffee interacts with water. That may sound complicated, but all you really need to know is that the machine can brew a complex cup of cold brew coffee in less than two minutes. $695; drinkosma.com

The GoSun Fusion is a hybrid solar- and electric-powered oven capable of cooking a variety of dishes. The 14-pound device is equipped with an evacuated tube and cooking tray, which can accommodate up to 145 ounces of food. It can reach temperatures as hot as 550 degrees, which means meals can be cooked in 60 minutes or less. $600; gosun.co

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