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Closeup of Rivian R1T’s front headlight turned on
Rivian R1T


Electric Vehicles For Work and Play

Written By Shaun Tolson
Photography By Frankie Batista
Styling By Heidi Meek

Man standing next to parked Rivian R1T
Rivian R1T

PATAGONIA vest, $179; patagonia.com

HUGO BOSS shirt, $298; hugoboss.com

PAIGE pants, $199; paige.com

SANTONI sneakers, $495; santonishoes.com

TUMI bag, $695; tumi.com

RIVIAN R1T, from $73,000; rivian.com


Electric drivetrain technology has come a long way in recent years; and with those advancements, plug-in motors have taken electric coupes and sedans from mere eco-conscious daily drivers and transformed them into exhilarating rides ready to impress even the most ardent automotive purist. Trucks and other utility vehicles haven’t been overlooked in this regard, and the Rivian R1T (from $73,000) proves it.

Equipped with a 128.9 kWh motor, the R1T delivers a staggering amount of power, which translates to outlandish performance and copious amounts of fun. The numbers speak for themselves: The aforementioned powerplant produces 835 hp and 908 lb-ft. of torque, which equates to a top speed of 110 mph, a zero-to-60-mph sprint time of approximately 3 seconds, and maximum towing capability of 11,000 pounds. Not bad for an 18-foot-long, almost 7,000-pound, plug-in pickup truck, eh?

The quad-motor all-wheel drive delivers instant power and independently adjusts torque at all four wheels. This system enables 4-wheel torque vectoring (the ability for each wheel to independently assist with acceleration, turning, and braking) to enhance performance in all conditions and environments. “On-road and off, we want to give people so much more than they expect,” says Max Koff, Rivian’s director of vehicle dynamics. With an EPA-estimated range of 314 miles per charge and nine driving modes (five of which are dedicated to unique off-road conditions, such as rock crawl and soft sand), the Rivian R1T serves as the perfect vehicle to inject some electrified fun onto those less-traveled roads this fall.

Man with snow apparel and helmet sitting on black Moonbike

BURTON [AK] GORE-TEX jacket, $465, and pants, $460; burton.com
TIMBERLAND boots, $210; timberland.com
POC helmet, $250; pocsports.com
OAKLEY goggles, $216; oakley.com
ARC’TERYX neck gaiter, $40; arcteryx.com
HESTRA gloves, $136; hestragloves.us
MOONBIKE, from $8,900; moonbikes.com


When the ground turns snow-covered, you’ll want to trade in the off-road wheels for snow-capable tracks; and if those tracks are attached to a MoonBike (from $8,900), you’ll be able to extend that exhilarating excitement all winter long. Created by a former aeronautical engineer, Nicolas Muron, the MoonBike is the first-of-its-kind winter recreational vehicle, one that’s revolutionary not only for being completely electric but also for its size. Measuring only 28 inches wide, the MoonBike can pass through standard doorways and is easily transported on a hitch carrier or in the bed of a pickup truck. Plus, it weighs less than 200 pounds, making it three times lighter than a traditional snowmobile. Muron says he wanted “to create a unique way to explore winter with an ultralight electric vehicle that is easy to use, quiet, sustainable, and above all, fun to ride. If we can cut emissions from snowmobiles and off-highway vehicles on the trails and backroads and move to a more eco-conscious option, that’s a step in the right direction.”

Thanks to its patented silent propulsion system assembled by Bosch, the MoonBike represents a sizable step in that direction, especially because of its performance. The 3Kw motor provides 125 lb-ft. of immediate torque, which can propel the MoonBike to a top speed of 26 mph. It rides effectively in up to a foot of fresh powder; it can climb groomed slopes with grades as steep as 40 percent; and with the upgrade to a dual-battery system it can do all of that for up to 3 hours.

Simply put, it’s the ideal vehicle to explore a winter wonderland.