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Hit Better Than Average Golf Shots

Through its unwavering commitment to R&D, PXG is making golf more welcoming and fun, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the game.

By Shaun Tolson

It’s not how you start that’s important, it’s how you finish.

Such a statement, while typically a motivational message, is also an apt description of the evolution of the PXG brand and its position within the golf marketplace—although it should be clear that PXG is far from finished. When the brand made its debut about seven years ago, it did so with a declaration that its golf clubs were designed and engineered without cost constraints. As Bob Parsons, the brand’s founder, recalls of his initial marching orders to PXG’s team of equipment engineers: “My charge for them was to develop golf clubs without regards to cost, time, or process.”

Given that genesis, PXG’s flagship lineup of clubs, branded 0311s (in honor of the Marine Corps code for infantry rifleman) were unapologetically expensive. Since then, the brand has introduced new generations of its flagship lineup of clubs that are still priced at the pinnacle of the market; however, the brand has also created a secondary lineup of clubs—0211s, named in honor of Marine Corps counterintelligence specialists—that are much more reasonably priced, yet still feature some (though not all) of the brand’s industry-leading technology. Because of that, the brand is now far more accessible to a much broader audience, which is a good thing for golf.
Regardless of the line of PXG clubs that customers choose to purchase, their experience will be the same, meaning it begins with a custom fitting with a club specialist. It’s a noteworthy factor, as the process assures that the clubs that PXG customers buy are tailored to their swings and their specific preferences, and it guarantees customers will get the most out of all the high-performance tech that’s packed into each club. “When someone is professionally fit for PXG clubs, their enjoyment of the game goes up and their scores go down,” Parsons says. “In my mind that’s a winning combination.”

In that respect, the brand represents an ideal equipment choice for beginners. Golf may not be easy, but it shouldn’t be intimidating. Moreover, it should always be fun—even when it’s challenging—which is why the right equipment is paramount. Incidentally, PXG’s engineering accomplishments are protected by 633 global patents. “At the end of the day, we play any game to have fun,” Parsons says. “We like to do things that are fun. When was the last time you signed up to be miserable? You just don’t do that.”
Years ago, when people were surveying golf’s appeal with the millennial generation and questioning what the sport needed to do to grow in popularity with a younger audience, Parsons was outspoken on the subject, proclaiming that all prospective first-timers needed was a way to participate in the game that is inviting and fun. In some ways, Parsons’ golf equipment and apparel brand has become that entry point. Watch any of the brand’s recent TV ads and their irreverence is unmistakable. Those commercials are a reminder that PXG was a born disruptor to a deep-rooted, traditional industry that some would argue is—or at least was—too set in its ways.

Although disruptive thanks to its easygoing culture, PXG has quickly proven that its engineering and design capabilities are on par with the sport’s most successful equipment companies. To date, PXG-sponsored players have won 21 times on the PGA Tour. That’s an impressive accolade for a company that’s less than a decade old.

Today, the brand serves customers in more than 50 countries and by the end of the year it will operate almost 30 dedicated brick-and-mortar storefronts across the United States. Those galleries are positioned to further spread the PXG message that, if nothing else, golf should be fun. “When you’re fishing, if you judge the amount of fun you have by the amount of fish you catch, you’re doing it for the wrong reason,” Parsons says. “Golf is the same way. The game of golf is always going to be there, but the more fun it is the better.”