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Airthings View Plus air quality monitor on a shelf
Smart devices for your home, lifestyle, and health.


12 New Smart Devices For A Better Home

Color changing light bulb
Sengled Light Bulb Health Monitor


A light bulb installed at home that changes color to signal an impending health crisis is the idea behind a new monitor from Sengled. The company has added radar into a smart light bulb to monitor vital signs, such as heart rate and body temperature. Connected via Bluetooth Mesh to follow a person from room to room, it can detect when a senior has a fall, for example, offering a surveillance method that is less intrusive than a camera. The technology should be available in late 2022. us.sengled.com

Set of three Clorox Smart Air Purifiers
Clorox Smart Air Purifier


Cleaning products company Clorox wants to scrub your air clean with an air purifier made for rooms 320 square feet and larger. Critically, it employs a HEPA filter and an active carbon filter operating in tandem to remove bacteria and viruses as small as 0.1 microns, and gives real-time feedback via its digital display. A color-coded light indicates air quality status up to six levels from green/good to maroon/hazardous. $90–$280; cloroxhomeappliances.com

Samsung Eco remote control
Samsung Eco Batteryless Remote Control


The new Eco Remote by Samsung doesn’t take AA batteries. Instead, solar panels on the back supply operating power, as does the control’s ability to harvest radio frequency energy emitted by your home Wi-Fi router to allow charging in dark rooms. A miniature antenna can capture the Wi-Fi signals from a distance of up to 131 feet. The company’s aim is to reduce the huge number of batteries discarded into landfills each year. samsung.com

Noveto N1 invisible ultrasound headphones
Noveto N1 Invisible Headphones


These are being called invisible headphones because the sound they transmit can’t be heard by anyone else. The Noveto N1 uses proprietary audio beaming technology to send ultrasound silently through the air until it converges as audible pockets of sound just outside the listener’s ears. Facial recognition software and motion detectors help the N1 track head movement so the signal is always on target within a 3-foot range. The N1 is Bluetooth-ready and can communicate with an Alexa voice assistant. noveto.com

Technics EAH-A800 noise-canceling headphones on desk with laptop
Technics EAH-A800 Noise-Canceling Headphones


Eliminating extraneous noise can be a blessing, but sometimes you don’t want to be completely oblivious to surrounding sounds. The Technics EAH-A800, the audio brand’s new flagship noise-suppression headphones, features two modes: one is more immersive while the other makes it easier to hear voices. A built-in microphone uses wind suppression circuitry for improved conversation. They’re Bluetooth capable with a 50-hour battery life. Given Technics’ reputation for high fidelity, expect sound quality to be superb. $350; technics.com

GAF Energy solar roof shingles after rain
GAF Energy Solar Roof Shingle


A roof shingle that also collects energy from the sun for use in homes is a game changer as a clean, sustainable power source. Timberline Solar from GAF Energy, developed in conjunction with North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF, is less than a quarter-inch thick and blends in well with surrounding roof shingles. Large, often aesthetically unappealing, roof-mounted solar panels are no longer necessary to get the required energy efficiency. gaf.energy

Ampere Dusk smart sunglasses on woman
Ampere Dusk Smart Sunglasses


Unlike traditional photochromic or transitional lenses, the ones used in the new Dusk smart sunglasses from Ampere are electrochromic. This means you can adjust the tint level in just 0.1 seconds via a phone app or touch controls on the left side of the frame. The glasses are equipped with tiny speakers for easy listening as well as a microphone: Press a button on the right side to access Siri or Google Assistant. $295; ampereshop.com

Thermacell smart mosquito repeller device in outdoor garden
Thermacell Mosquito Repeller


Thermacell mosquito repellers stand like armed sentries around outdoor spaces, at the ready to repel stinging invaders. Each LIV module contains a scent-free, smokeless solution that is heat-activated for dispersion. The modules are controlled by a smartphone app with a Wi-Fi connection to a central smart hub, so the system can be configured for timed activation or an automatic shutdown when not needed. Thermacell says each module covers approximately 315 square feet within a 20-foot zone. From $700 for a starter pack of three modules; thermacell.com

Close-up view of SMART Tire Company’s flat-free bicycle tire
SMART Tire Company Flat-Free Bicycle Tire


A flat-free tire made for driving around an inhospitable Martian environment is set to be made for riding bicycles on Earth. The NASA-developed technology is made from a shape memory alloy material, NiTinol+, so it can bend, unbend, expand, and contract, and then quickly return to its original shape. The LA-based SMART Tire Company is adapting it for a bicycle tire called METL and hopes to eventually use the technology for vehicles. Pricing isn’t set, but expect to pay a premium akin to a racing tire. This new METL technology should also reduce the number of tires destined for landfills. smarttirecompany.com

ActiveLook’s NexT augmented reality glasses on sporty woman
ActiveLook Augmented Reality Glasses


While virtual reality is its own universe, augmented reality technology is designed to be an aid in this one. For example, overlaid informational cues can appear on special glasses—most early designs channeled Clark Kent. Now, ActiveLook’s NexT platform offers a more fashionable view that can be used by any sport professional, eyeglass manufacturer, or tech company. The lightweight, sporty design has a small, heads-up type display that appears on the inside of the lens, presenting navigational aids as well as metrics including heart rate, speed, elapsed time, distance, and elevation. Toggle between various data points using gestures. The battery lasts more than 12 hours. activelook.net

Airthings View Plus air quality monitor on a shelf
Airthings View Plus Air Quality Monitor


Thanks to COVID-19, we’re more aware than ever that things in the air that you can’t see can be very harmful. The Airthings View Plus air quality monitor makes the invisible visible, offering peace of mind, as well as notice when action is required. Of the measurements made by the device, the carbon dioxide reading is of immediate interest, as it’s seen as a proxy for ventilation. Another key measurement is for particulate matter, which is indicative of pollution caused by smoke, for example. Radon, airborne chemicals, temperature, and humidity are also monitored. Just wave your hand in front of the device for a quick red, yellow, or green light check and log in to the app, which tracks air quality over time. $300; airthings.com

WORX Landroid robotic lawnmower mowing grass
WORX Landroid Robotic Lawnmower


Mowing the lawn can now be deferred to your robot. WORX Landroid robotic mowers are available in three sizes—for one-eighth, one-quarter, and half-acre lots. From a smartphone app, you can set and forget it; the Landroid will work for an entire season, or log in remotely to start a job anytime. It can also be controlled via the LCD screen on the mower itself. Powered by rechargeable lithium batteries, the mower features a floating blade system that automatically adjusts as it encounters obstacles like rocks or sticks. Landroid sensors will either prompt the robot to turn around or shut down when it encounters a pet dog, for example, and it even knows when it’s raining—a built-in weather sensor prompts the mower to return to base so it doesn’t cut wet grass. Among a variety of accessories is a radio link module to extend the Wi-Fi range. From $950; worx.com