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Medical patient on private-jet with doctor and nurse

Medjet private-air medical transport


Hospitalized While Traveling? Medjet Gets You Home

By Bailey Stone Barnard


To most people, private-jet medical transport insurance probably sounds like expensive peace of mind. But when making the assumption to Mike Hallman, President and CEO of Medjet, that his company’s target market is wealthy travelers, he is quick to make a correction.

“It’s really not. This is an affordable benefit that anybody can have,” says Hallman, who has been involved with Medjet—the top-rated air medical transport, travel security, and crisis response membership program—for nearly a quarter century. “If you’re more than 150 miles from home and you’re hospitalized, we can bring you back to the hospital of your choice.”

Ambulance, airplane, and MedJet cards


From its headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, Medjet can dispatch a network of hundreds of air ambulances and highly trained critical care technicians and escorts to retrieve its members from virtually any hospital in the world and bring them back to their local or preferred medical facility. And it only costs a few hundred dollars per year. Want to add global security and crisis response services? That’s a little over a hundred dollars extra per year.

MedjetAssist—$295 per year for individuals and $399 for families (two adults and up to five children under the age of 23)—is the basic membership package, which allows unlimited annual travel up to 90 consecutive days per trip. So, you could travel for 90 straight days, come home for one day, and then travel again for 90 days, and your protection still applies. (Medjet also offers short-term memberships, with options covering eight to 30 days of travel.) MedjetHorizon—$444 per year for individuals and $578 for a family—adds travel security and crisis response, which includes evacuation, rescue, and response for everything from terrorism to kidnapping to natural disasters. So, all of that peace of mind—enjoyed by some of the top professional athletes, Fortune 500 corporate executives, and celebrities that Medjet counts among its members—costs less than $50 per month.

“The whole idea is once you get to the hospital, you call us,” says Hallman. “Then your responsibility is to get us the name of the doctor or somebody at the hospital that we can deal with. We pick it up from there. We coordinate everything.”

Medjet also pays for everything at no extra cost to members. Transport is typically provided by a private aircraft that Hallman likens to a flying emergency room. Learjets are the most common air ambulances, and they are outfitted with medical equipment and staff tailored to the members’ specific needs.

“Once you buy your membership, if you end up having to be transported, you don’t pay anything additional,” says Hallman. “That’s all on us—whether we’re bringing you back from 200 miles away or 2,000 miles away.”

And while a medical air transport membership seems like a smart choice for jet-setting global travelers or thrill-seeking adventure travelers, Medjet members utilize its service for much more mundane occurrences.

“We have a lot of members that are planning big trips to Europe, to Africa, to Fiji or wherever,” says Hallman. “Then they end up using their membership because they blew out a knee when they were at their grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving—150 miles is not very far from home.” medjetassist.com