Closeup view of the front wheel and of driver’s foot on the pedal of a white Pave BK e-motorbike.
PAVE BK e-motorbike


Urban Mobility Redefined with Pave BK and Brooklyn Bicycle City Co.

Written By Shaun Tolson Photography by Andrew Yee Styling by Paul Frederick

Pave BK E-Bike & Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 7i Disc City Cruiser

Minimalist in its design aesthetic, the Pave BK packs a punch. More specifically, the vehicle delivers the power and torque of a small-engine motorcycle but looks like an e-bike. Except that it’s not, because riders aren’t required to pedal. A simple activation of the throttle engages the 3000-watt motor, capable of reaching a top speed of 30 mph in less than four seconds.

Its inventors, brothers Nico and Caspar Nagel, grew up in Berlin and wanted to create a clean alternative to the traditional combustion-engine scooters popular during their youth. By 2018, they had moved to Brooklyn and major advancements in electric drivetrain and battery technology had changed the game. On launching Pave Motors in 2019, Caspar says, “We are building a brand to upend how we think about mobility. Yes, [the bike] should be good for the environment, but it should also be safe, easy to use, and incredibly fun to ride.”

Soon, Pave may delve into the ride-sharing space, thanks to a digital key system that operates through a dedicated app. Owners can create networks of people and grant each of them individual access to operate the bike. “Think of it as the Turo or Airbnb of the electric mobility world,” says Nico. “Our Pave+ app and its innovative technology will allow for a fundamental transformation of the ride-sharing and electric mobility space.”

There’s less cutting-edge tech associated with the Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 7i Disc, but that’s no knock on this vintage-styled, 7-speed cruiser equipped with hydraulic disc brakes. The bike sports a custom steel fork and fender with front carrier braze-ons, and its lightweight, aluminum step-through frame (weighing only about 30 pounds) is equipped with internal cable routing. Most notably, the bicycle features low-maintenance components such as a rear Shimano Nexus internally geared hub, a chain guard, and 35-inch puncture-resistant tires—all elements that make the Willow 7 an ideal commuter bike for the rigorous demands of city riding.

Ergonomics is no less a consideration, as Brooklyn Bicycle Co.’s flagship commuter model features a Selle Royal sprung saddle, plush grips, and relaxed handlebars. Best of all, the upright and relaxed frame geometry—which accounts for the bike’s vintage flair—ensures a remarkably comfortable ride.
Man wearing black aviator sunglasses and carrying brown leather briefcase on his shoulder standing next to black Willow 7i Disc bicycle.

RALPH LAUREN PURPLE LABEL shearling shirt jacket, $4,995;

TOD’S sweater, $795;

ETON shirt, $265;

BROOKS BROTHERS tie, $108, trousers, $248, and socks, $98;


ZEGNA EYEWEAR sunglasses, $365;

J.W. HULME briefcase, $895;

BROOKLYN BICYCLE CO. Willow 7i Disc bicycle, $1,100;

Man sitting on white Pave BK e-motorbike wearing dark clothes, boots and a black backpack while holding a black riding helmet.

BRIONI shearling jacket, $8,995;

BROOKS BROTHERS sweater, $128;

BRUNELLO CUCINELLI trousers, $1,995;

GIORGIO ARMANI boots, $1,995;

TOD’S backpack, $2,175;

PAVE BK e-motorbike, $6,900;