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Sunstones and Moonstones set in gold on a white stone bracelet cuff

Gemstone Jewelry Trends

Photography by Jonathan Pozniak
Market Editor Paul Frederick

GUITA M Sunstones and Moonstone set 
in gold on Chalcedony cuff, $8,000;

Multi-colored sapphires and diamonds necklace
Purple Amethyst ring and two sets of colorful gemstone drop earrings

Above left:

BAYCO Sapphires and Diamonds necklace in gold and platinum, price upon request; bayco.com

Above right:

VERDURA Amethyst and Ruby Candy ring in gold, price upon request; verdura.com

JACQUIE AICHE Chalcedony earrings in gold, $5,500; jacquieaiche.com

KARMA EL KHALIL Lavender Quartz, Lolite, and Tanzanite Lilac Nova earrings in rose gold, price upon request; karmaelkhalil.com