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Side view of a silver and white MasterCraft X24 wakesurf boat holding Connelly wakeboards
2023 MasterCraft X24 Wakesurf Boat


Duo of Best In-class Wakesurfing Toys

Written By Shaun Tolson Photography By Frankie Batista Styling By Heidi Meek

MASTERCRAFT X24 wakesurf boat, from $233,100; mastercraft.com

MC Benz wakeboard (in back), $580; connellyskis.com

SOULCRAFT honu wakesurf (in foreground), $998; lifestylewake.shop

2023 MasterCraft X24

Practice cutbacks, rail grabs, and lip slides anytime with the 2023 MasterCraft X24 wakesurf boat (from $233,100). The model is without equal, bringing an Ilmor 6.2-liter engine to the water, along with 4,300 pounds of ballast. Choose the optional supercharged upgrade and the X24’s powerplant is the most capable towboat engine on the market, delivering 630 hp and 665 lb-ft of torque. That allows the boat to reach a maximum speed exceeding 41 mph, while it can cruise around 26 mph. When equipped with the standard Ilmor 6.2-liter engine, the X24 surges to a maximum speed of more than 37 mph and cruises around 25 mph. The vessel’s ballast is no less important, however, since heavier boats create more wake—and more wake means more dynamic (and more challenging) riding conditions.

For the hat trick, MasterCraft has enhanced its SurfStar system, which uses military-grade underwater actuators—each delivering 3,000 pounds of lift—to create repeatable waves that are consistent and customizable in size and amplitude. The system relies on patented position-sensing technology and allows users to save custom wave settings, ensuring predictable waves best suited to your abilities. For the captain, the helm seat can be customized and programmed to a specific angle of incline, and an intuitive dashboard comprises classic gauges and digital touchscreens. Furthermore, the vessel is equipped with an industry-leading stern thruster, making those occasional (but necessary) sideways maneuvers a breeze.

Woman in navy blue floral wetsuit holding a brown two-tone wakeboard

RIP CURL wetsuit, $150; ripcurl.com

MC BIG EASY wakeboard, $650; connellyskis.com

Woman with black swimsuit sitting on passenger seat of MasterCraft X24 boat

EVARAE swimsuit, $320; evarae.com


With adjustable seating capacity for 18 people, there’s no shortage of space onboard. MasterCraft’s pickle fork–shaped bow creates a squared-off seating area that’s more spacious than triangular seating sections inherent in traditional V-shaped hulls. Across the interior, plush, transom lounge seats feature CoolFeel upholstery, which stays up to 30 percent cooler than other maritime fabrics. If you should need an immersive escape from the heat, the 2023 X24 model now features a flip-down swim step at the stern for easy access into and out of the water.

When it’s time to ride, take Big Easy, Habit, and Benz, three wakesurf boards crafted by Connelly and included in the MC Surf Demo Kit ($3,125). Big Easy and Habit work well for surfers who have at least intermediate skills; Habit features a flat rocker line and a single center fin for a looser feel. The Benz, by contrast, is a hybrid board intended for more advanced riders. It features a diamond tail shape that releases water for a faster feel and a twin-fin setup that allows for more speed due to less resistance through the middle of the board.