2024 Wellness Guide


Above and Below

Whether you’re skimming the waves or diving beneath them, this gear will keep you moving.


From its sunburst-painted edges inspired by classic Gibson guitars to its rosewood rails, the Beau Lake Special Edition One Drop stand-up paddleboard is a floating piece of art. This is a SUP that looks as good on your wall as it does on the water. The Canada-based company is known for its collection of beautifully hand-finished boards and this latest edition is a collaboration between Beau Lake and the life-altering One Drop Foundation, which provides access to safe drinking water in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. Each board purchased includes a donation to One Drop: at $15,000, the One Drop 800 will give a community of approximately 800 residents sustainable access to safe water for life; the $10,000 One Drop 500 model does the same for 500 people; and the $5,000 One Drop 200 model provides for up to 200 people. A subtle One Drop logo on the underside and a discreet model number medallion on the top display your support for the cause in a low-key way. As Paul Lavoie, co-founder and CEO of Beau Lake, says, “Water is a luxury we can’t afford to take for granted.” With high-quality woods and cutting-edge design, each Beau Lake board is a true high-performance paddleboard; a single fin provides stability and reduces drag, while the nearly flat bottom makes for a fast-moving platform.

If diving is more your speed, take off underwater on the Seabob jet. This portable electric device can pull you along the surface at speeds up to 14 mph, and beneath it up to 12 mph. Snorkel, dive, or race with a squeeze of the trigger handles, turn your body to steer, and hold on. If you let go, the machine stops. The Seabob has a maximum depth of 131 feet, but set any limit you like. If you exceed your pre-set range, it turns off and floats to the surface. Throw on a dive mask and jet above the water or gear up with a full scuba kit and ride deep along the reef. No more fighting the current or working hard to get back to the boat. The electric motor means no emissions to foul the waters, and the 60-minute operating range gives you plenty of time on or under the water. Recharging takes only 90 minutes with the optional quick charger. Optional on-board cameras allow you to photograph and record your antics, including a selfie mode through the centrally located display, which also tells you water temperature, depth, speed, and battery life. Three customizable versions, in a range of colors, are available—from the 8.5-mph F5 to the faster F5 SR, which features rear fins for extra stability.—David Keith

Rip Curl wetsuit, $90; ripcurl.com
aqualung scuba diving mask, $69; aqualung.com
Seabob jet, from $9,415; seabob.com

Chromat swimsuit, $325; chromat.com
Warby Parker sunglasses, $95; warbyparker.com
Beau Lake Special Edition One Drop SUP, from $5,000, and carbon-fiber paddle, $300; beaulake.com