Courtesy Lotus Belle
Lotus Belle’s Lotus Mahal tent provides up to 700 square feet of pitched floor space and plenty of exotic flair to set a scene or furnish a proper bivouac. $8,500;


Explorer’s Club

Saluting the fearlessness of those who braved perilous conditions to discover something new are products inspired by their journeys and the navigation aids they used to get there.


Courtesy John Yarema

Among the exquisite floor inlays executed by master craftsman John Yarema are compasses, maps, and other exploration motifs, which he’s custom designed for countless yachts as well as projects like S.C. Johnson’s Fortaleza Hall in Racine, Wisconsin. Pricing varies;

Courtesy John Yarema

Stars were the world’s first nighttime navigation tool. Ancient explorers would be amazed by Orion’s GiantView BT-100 binocular telescope, the design of which offers increased magnification capability and higher contrast than previous designs. $1,550 (mount and tripod package $600 extra);

Courtesy Philips

Compartmentalized and collapsible, campaign furniture was an ingenious outgrowth of European military escapades, and also used in many a hazardous expedition. Such designs provided creative inspiration for Michel Ferrand’s solid oak 395 coffee table. From $2,990;

Courtesy Tribest

It would take a tempestuous sea to overturn Puiforcat’s Orfèvre-Sommelier, glassware that fuses glass with a stable silver- or gold-plated metal base. The design is a collaboration between famed sommelier Enrico Bernardo and London designer Michael Anastassiades. $40–$6,560;

Courtesy J&R Guram

British colonial cantonments in India offered creature comforts with compartmentalized, collapsible campaign furniture made by England’s fabled furniture companies. New Delhi–based J & R Guram reproduces some of the Raj’s most memorable and finest pieces, including this cane-sided Landour chair. $600–$700;

Courtesy Panerai

Panerai pioneered submersible watches for the Royal Italian Navy back in 1916. Three new limited-edition timepieces celebrate that expertise by pairing an optional adventure with purchase. The Marina Militare Carbotech (limited edition of 33) gets you a training session with La Spezia, the diving and commando force of the Italian Navy. The Mike Horn Edition (just 19 available) pairs buyers with Horn, the world’s greatest living explorer, on a trip to learn about the Arctic ice floes. Shown is the Guillaume Néry Edition (13 available at press time), which grants owners a ticket to explore the oceans of French Polynesia with the free-diving world champion. From $40,000 (watch and adventure), from $19,400 (watch only);

Courtesy Real World Globes

Real World Globes are created mainly for educational purposes, so they are incredibly and precisely detailed. The new Seafloor Magnetic Anomaly globe helps enhance the understanding of plate tectonics and seafloor spreading. $288;

Courtesy Bellavia

Palermo, Italy–based Bellavia, known for its fine embroidered goods, launched The NapKing to showcase its colorful, digitally printed designs, including this Atlas square tablecloth, which measures 86 by 86 inches. From $200;

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