2024 Wellness Guide

Photo: Jonathan Pozniak


Skin Savers

As environmental triggers like pollution, stress, and UV rays intensify, so does the damage to our skin. These products promise to soothe, soften, and protect it.


La Prairie Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion is a velvety soft viscose formulation that’s meant to be used after cleansing and toning, and before applying serum, to prepare the skin for absorption. In the process, it instantly hydrates and addresses all signs of aging, including increased elasticity, firmness, radiance, and smoothness. The formula consists of an advanced platinum complex—the rare, precious metal paired with an ultra-concentrated blend of active ingredients, which, when combined, create a three-step “haute-rejuvenation” system that detoxifies, rebuilds, and reinvigorates skin cells. $655; laprairie.com

Everyone knows a good skincare routine starts with a thorough cleansing that removes all traces of makeup and dirt and eliminates dead skin cells. Guinot’s Clean Logic Range is a new two-step process that does it all, and more. Begin with Cleansing Care Cream made of shea oil and a hydrocyte complex containing hyaluronic acid to moisturize and strengthen the lipid barrier, which protects against wrinkles and reduced elasticity. Then apply the Revitalizing Care Lotion to gently exfoliate and tone, preparing skin for the products that follow. $54 each; guinotusa.com

When dermatologist Timm Golueke introduced his Royal Fern anti-aging skincare range in 2015, it was a revolutionary breakthrough in plant-based science. The fern extract proved to combat aging skin on all levels: protecting against the effects of UV light, inhibiting the loss of collagen, reducing hyperpigmentation, and soothing inflammation, to name just a few of the benefits. Now, two supercharged ampoules, Royal Fern Phytoactive Anti-Oxidative and Royal Fern Phytoactive Illuminating, are filled with concentrates that reduce skin damage from free radicals and improve skin texture, respectively. Choose the one that suits your needs and use it to power boost your daily skin routine. $195 for a box of 15; royalfern.com

Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+ contains WetForce technology, which has been specifically created to address the way water and perspiration interact with sunscreen. The formula remains water-resistant for 80 minutes and the longer you wear it, the more powerful and UV-protective it becomes. It also has the ability to magically remove the smell of sweat and morph it into a more pleasant scent. $40; shiseido.com

Alleven London is a skin perfector that hydrates, contours, and conceals. Founded by former model, jewelry designer, and art collector Celia Forner Venturi, the light mist creates a flawless, airbrushed finish that dries quickly and is water- and rub-resistant. A first of its kind, the product contains a powerful blend of botanical ingredients and innovative technology that increases skin’s resistance to sun damage while hiding imperfections and the visible signs of aging. $80 for 200 ml; skinstore.com