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This issue focuses on all things stylishly functional and lavishly sleek with full coverage of art and design fairs from Italy to New York. Fall fashion trends burst with color while furnishing and tech elements showcase a minimalist to ornate spectrum.

Jackson, WY, September 07, 2018

LUXURY MAGAZINE, the quarterly publication available exclusively to Luxury Card™ members, unveiled its Fall 2018 issue today, Style & Design. The premium publication offers trends and features across all categories of luxury lifestyle, from travel and fashion to home design, real estate and technology.

Highlights from the Fall issue include:

The Ultimate Road Trip
This issue takes readers on the drive of a lifetime along Highway 10, more commonly known as the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway. Explore this unique coastal community on the Arctic Ocean cruising through 85 miles—to the top of the world—of spectacular scenery featuring iridescent lakes, lush forests and plenty of wildlife.

The Big Three Automakers
Hot off the production line, the US-built Ford GT, Cadillac CTS-V and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk are decidedly some of the greatest performance vehicles on the market. Our team digs deep to test these three giants on the most challenging racetracks in the country.

Fall Color
The fashion feature spotlights bright knits, cozy sweaters, flowing silks and tailored wools in a spectrum of shades. “Bursts of orange, yellow and red meet the cool tones of blue and purple to create an unexpected marriage of opposites,” says Editor-in-Chief Deborah Frank. “The layered textures add to the season’s surprises---that’s how autumn is, transitioning from hot to cool, from one adventure to another.” Shot on location in Amsterdam, models Marlijn Hoek and Bart Ackerman walk the canals of this picturesque European capital.

The most famous and influential figure in the history of modern art: Vincent van Gogh
Each issue of LUXURY MAGAZINE highlights an artist's work and presents an in-depth profile of the artist’s life and times. This fall, our cover art, The Harvest (1888), depicts the countryside in the South of France and several stages of the harvest by experimenting with flat areas of color, bold outlines and various brushstrokes to reflect texture. Once again the subject of a new book and Hollywood film, it’s clear that van Gogh’s legacy and the public’s longstanding fascination with this Dutch post-impressionist painter have not wavered.

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