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This issue covers the newest innovations in smart technology—for your home, health and fitness, as well as for your next getaway.

Jackson, WY, December 01, 2017

LUXURY MAGAZINE, the quarterly publication available exclusively to Luxury Card™ holders, unveiled its Winter 2017 issue today, themed Innovative Technology & the Latest Must-Have Gear. The premium publication offers trends and features across all categories of luxury lifestyle, from travel and fashion to home design, real estate and technology.

Highlights from the Winter issue include “Toys Story,” showcasing utilitarian essentials to more extravagant splurges including cameras, wearable fitness trackers and drones—the greatest playthings are now smaller, lighter, faster and better. The Getaways feature “Snow Bound” guides readers to 10 under-the-radar ski resorts offering short lift lines and unspoiled trails. For those skiers seeking adventure in the wild terrain of the backcountry, “Beyond Expert” showcases the newest life-saving ski technology and avalanche safety equipment. And our 2018 Winter Gear Guide has everyone covered. For readers staying closer to home, “Smart Living” highlights advances in smart-home technology with common household objects riding a wave of modernization, and “Home Movie” offers cinematic marvels and media rooms that dazzle.

LUXURY MAGAZINE is published by Luxury Card. The readership comprises affluent men and women across the United States. The readership is a 51/49 percent male/female split, all with an interest in quality, value and service. A collaborative initiative among the Luxury Card executives, the publication features world-class editorial and offers a range of luxury categories in every issue, each with a seasonal theme and focus.

“Our Winter issue offers Cardmembers our version of an annual gift guide of sorts,” said Marina Kissam, Vice President, Customer Experience. “Released around the gift-giving season, this issue provides our Cardmembers a tool to shop for tech gadgets, watches and items for the home, or to get inspired to book unique travel experiences.”

Additional features from the Winter 2017 Innovative Technology & the Latest Must-Have Gear issue:

Contemporary mixed-media artist: Xu Bing
Each issue of LUXURY MAGAZINE highlights an artist's work and presents an exclusive background profile. The Winter 2017 featured cover artist, Xu Bing, is considered one of China’s best-known calligraphers whose contemporary art has been exhibited in Asia, Europe and the United States. Background Story 1 (2004), for instance, is part of a four-piece installation that explores the duality of pictorial art while calling attention to the relationship between image and medium, showing the viewer things are not what they first appear.

Tour de Tech
For the avid cyclist, the remarkable streets of Tuscany offer the perfect course to try out the latest innovative gear that keeps you connected, comfortable and pedaling through any rough spot.

The Hideaway Club
A unique look at technological advances, the rise of social media, its impact on privacy and the challenges to have both a private and a public life. Technology may ultimately save privacy and bring it back to life, making the highest status to have no status at all.

LUXURY MAGAZINE is the quarterly publication exclusively for Luxury Card holders. The LUXURY MAGAZINE team of editors, designers and writers delivers informed content tailored to our affluent audience. Both timely in relevance and evergreen in appeal, each story expands on Cardmembers’ wide array of interests and passions. Access LUXURY MAGAZINE anytime, anywhere, on any device at

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