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This issue focuses on snowbound travel, wintry fashion trends, automotive innovation and the ultimate tech toys and gear.

Jackson, WY, December 07, 2018

LUXURY MAGAZINE, the quarterly publication available exclusively to Luxury Card™ members, unveiled its Winter 2018 issue today, Mountain Adventures, Innovative Technology & the Latest Must-Have Gear. The premium publication offers trends and features across all categories of luxury lifestyle, from travel and fashion to home design, real estate and technology.

Highlights from the Winter issue include:

Tech Toys & Gear
This issue focuses on the latest technology updates and gift-giving ideas: a military-standard GPS multi-function outdoor watch by Garmin is ideal for the adventure enthusiast; fat-tire bikes are a trending favorite and Specialized just updated its design components for a lightweight yet powerful ride; and for the backcountry skier, the inventive Faber S-Line hybrid ski/snowshoe works like a traditional snowshoe on flat or hilly terrain, and provides good flotation in powdery, fluffy snow.

Super-Sport Wagons
Here, readers will discover a new crop of five-door sport wagons that are a long way from the original wood-sided family trucksters. With better handling and increased horsepower, Mercedes-AMG, Jaguar and Porsche have all helped to rebrand the original station wagon.

Winter Fashion: Puff Piece
Functional and lightweight, the down-filled “puffer” coat has become as fashionable as it is practical. First appearing in 1936 by outdoorsman Eddie Bauer, the versatile coat has seen many iterations—from backcountry to street style to fast-fashion. In this segment, we look at this utilitarian garment’s varied history and its future as fashion-meets-tech.

“The technological innovations featured in this annual Winter Mountain Adventure issue get me excited about the season and all it has to offer,” says Editor-in-Chief Deborah Frank. “From the latest off-piste skis and backcountry splitboards to ultra-high-performance sport wagons and lightweight technical ice tools, the opportunity to gear up and go for it has never been greater—or more fun.”

Cover Artist: Theodore Waddell
Featured cover artist Theodore Waddell is a Montana-born painter, sculptor and rancher considered one of the American West’s most celebrated contemporary artists. His paintings and prints of landscapes with animals couple abstract expressionist techniques with the cattle, horses and bison that populate the high plains and mountain valleys. The cover art, Motherwell’s Angus #23, explores positive and negative space while depicting the expansiveness of the landscape. Waddell has had over 90 solo exhibitions and is scheduled to show at the Gail Severn Gallery in Ketchum, Idaho, in February 2019.

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